About Us

Specialized HR Systems, Focus on supporting the compensation team


About us

We specialize in HR systems, with a focus on supporting the compensation team. We're an experienced team of professionals with years of experience in the full range of business and IT solutions – with the scars to prove it. We understand the complexities involved in the compensation process, while developing tools designed to simplify that process. We've been in the trenches on the same side as our customers and bring that experience to a collaborative approach to delivery

  • Over 10 years in the business of delivering Compensation solution to customers world wide
  • Deep knowledge and experience in Human Resource software and process delivery
  • Customers across multiple verticals and geography, employee size from 500 to 50,000
  • Provide web based solutions over SaaS

Corporate Philosophy

To cater affordable, simple to use software products that supports your process in the Talent management space.

Deliver world class Compensation Management software for mid-tier global companies.

Focused on Results

Why Choose Us?

Laserbeam Software is focused on delivering the best compensation software available anywhere, at the best prices you will find. Our customers are the best source we have for constant improvement. Our product roadmap always starts with listening to the customer and finding ways to simplify our tools while expanding capabilities. And the security of your data is embedded into every aspect of our process. Read our Security Policy for a detailed review of the steps we take to insure that your data is secure at all times. We also take a different view on calculating your Return on Investment, which most companies should experience the first time you use our tools.

We pride ourselves on a customer retention rate of 100%. In fact, 80% of our clients come back after the initial delivery to add one or more of our other compensation products. The rest got exactly what they needed from the start. In all cases, our customers will tell you that we have a true partnership. The compensation process is highly visible to everyone in the organization, so getting it right the first time is our only criteria for success. Our goal is to deliver exactly what you need to have a completely successful compensation cycle from the start.

Our extensive background in the delivery and support of the Compensation process was born out of the experience of managing Compensation and other HR tools for one of the largest banks in the world. At the time, nearly 12 years ago, the cost of vendor products in the marketplace was horrendously expensive, complicated to deliver, use, and support. We knew we could do a better job and have never stopped working to achieve the goal of lowering the cost of delivery while achieving outstanding results. Our employees are extremely well trained, highly motivated and share our standards for getting it right the first time.


Patrick Durall Principal, CEO

Patrick has over 16 years of technical experience managing large projects spanning from 9 to 24 months, for companies such as Sun, Pepsi, Bank of America, Marriott, International Paper and other global 500 corporations. Technical Lead experience includes client-server infrastructure projects, telecom, networking and ground-up application development in the HR application arena. Heavily traumitized from the tough and demanding world of managing global Compensation systems for Exult and Hewitt, the natural thing to do was to make a career out of it, and thus was Laserbeam born. Patrick manages the US operations, including business development, project delivery for new and existing customers, customer satisfaction and the US team. When he's not managing Laserbeam, Patrick is busy managing a wife, dog, cat, two teenagers, and Bela the parrot who showed up in the back yard one day and decided to stay.

Naveen Veda Principal, CTO

Naveen brings 14 years of experience with demanding and high visibility projects in all facets of large project and solution development. As the lead Application Architect, he oversees the teams that manage development, testing and implementation of all products. With a background in managing large, multi-functional, cross-national teams, he is adept at all aspects of establishing a working technical team and infrastructure. Naveen brings much more to the table than his leadership - he has a gift for design with the customer intent in mind. He has proven abilities in developing tools that simplify the complex while anticipating the underlying requirements and over-delivering to achieve a very high satisfaction level. Naveen is embarking on a cross-country bicycling trip this December - evidently he enjoys painful joints, unexpected weather and hard sleeping surfaces - but we will toast his endeavors with a beer and a bag of cheetos.

Desmond Whitt Director of Engineering

Over 20 years in technical services and engineering, including Director of Technical Services for Kadiri software, Desmond was responsible for over 40 active clients and architecting their hosting environment. Having designed enterprise system solutions, his clients include: Google, Kellogg, Wells Fargo, The GAP, and Motorola. Desmond has a broad range of experience with multiple software platforms, including a key technical role in the early growth of PeopleSoft. Utilizing the latest tools and capabilities of a VM-ware environment, Desmond manages services which provide an outstanding combination of power, availability, failover and dependability at an attractive cost/benefit ratio. He's also a pretty good poker player, with illusions of getting on television, so we always have to keep him under close surveillance to avoid losing him to the pro circuit.

Jaleesh Raman, Production and Development Manager

Over 13 years of technical leadership experience managing large projects for customers across the globe. PMP certified and an expert in the complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), Jaleesh manages the internal projects, development and QA teams and is responsible for documentation, security and personnel training.

R. Rama, Quality Assurance Manager

Ms. Rama brings 15 years of experience in software development, ISO Certification and CMMI process experience to Laserbeam’s team. With deep technical experience in various programming languages and database design, combined with an MBA in Operations Management and an M.A in Economics, Ms. Rama rounds out the broad experience of the management team..

Production Support, QA and Development Staff

We have developed one of the finest induction and training programs you will find anywhere. We hire and develop our staff to insure success. Every prospective employee has to go through a rigorous evaluation process, which includes taking a test in their specialty. For example, developer candidates have an 8 hour evaluation process which includes writing code on the fly. Every staff member participates in weekend design sessions and is required to complete 40 hours each year of self-guided training that we have developed specific to our business. During the first year, all new employees are apprenticed with an experienced team member and evaluated for their strengths, further development, and cross-training opportunities. We provide an intense, but satisfying work environment with continuous opportunities for growth and development..


Send your resume to careers@laserbeamsoftware.com

Working at Laserbeam isn't like working for a large organization. We work together as a team, often at the white board, working through ideas and solving problems. When you join us, be prepared to learn more than you will almost anywhere else. In most cases, we've done what we're hiring you to do and we will hold you to high standards. We value people who show a capacity to learn and challenge their thinking more than strictly experience. You can expect a rigorous training program with milestones established to achieve a high level of performance. Survive the first year with us and you will have gained a level of experience highly coveted by the companies that own those big, shiny office parks. Want to work in one of those places? With nice, isolated cubicles, and a clear job description, many of the Laserbeam alumni have done just that: fending off the companies that poach our seasoned employees is the price we pay for developing our staff to their fullest potential.

If you have experience in one of the following disciplines and the need to excel, contact us! We're seeking experienced professionals with the drive to succeed, the ability to deliver excellence and the vision to grow with us.

US positions

  • Technical Project Managers
  • Compensation Business Analysts
  • Sales Professionals
  • Account Managers

Multiple Cycles/Page Views for Managers

  • Microsoft .Net application programming
  • SQL server database development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Web design
  • ERP and HRMS integration