Patrick Durall
Principal, Chief Executive Officer
Patrick has over 26 years of technical experience managing large projects spanning from 9 to 24 months, for companies such as Sun, Pepsi, Bank of America, Marriott, International Paper and other global 500 corporations. Technical Lead experience includes client-server infrastructure projects, telecom, networking and ground-up application development in the HR application arena. Heavily traumatized from the tough and demanding world of managing global Compensation systems for Exult and Hewitt, the natural thing to do was to make a career out of it, and thus was Laserbeam born. Patrick manages the US operations, including business development, project delivery for new and existing clients, customer satisfaction and the US team. When he's not managing Laserbeam, Patrick is busy managing a wife, dog, cat, two teenagers, and Bela the parrot who showed up in the back yard one day and decided to stay.
Naveen Veda
Principal, Chief Product Officer
Naveen is a specialist in the compensation and performance management domain. He has over two decades of experience in talent management industry, starting from his early days of working in Bank of America, USA, where he was instrumental in implementing their global compensation system. Naveen combines his industry experience with IT skills, developing tools and products that simplify the complex while anticipating the underlying requirements. He is a regular collaborator at NASSCOM and TIE events, in India. Naveen enjoys riding motorcycles - evidently, he enjoys painful joints, long roads, and the wind - but we will toast his endeavors with a beer and a bag of Cheetos.
Desmond Whitt
Over 30 years in technical services and engineering, including Director of Technical Services for Kadiri software, Desmond was responsible for over 40 active clients and architecting their hosting environment. Having designed enterprise system solutions, his clients include: Google, Kellogg, Wells Fargo, The GAP, and Motorola. Desmond has a broad range of experience with multiple software platforms, including a key technical role in the early growth of PeopleSoft. Utilizing the latest tools and capabilities of a VM-ware environment, Desmond manages services which provide an outstanding combination of power, availability, failover and dependability at an attractive cost/benefit ratio. He's also a pretty good poker player, with illusions of getting on television, so we always have to keep him under close surveillance to avoid losing him to the pro circuit.
Satish Kumar
Chief Operating Officer
Satish has 20+ year of IT industry experience. Prior to joining Laserbeam, he founded and incubated VisiRx Technologies, a health care start-up, and successfully transitioned to a professional team. Prior to that, he was instrumental in setting up the offshore IT development centre in Bangalore, for PAMP, world’s leading bullion brand operating, based out of Switzerland. He has worked for companies like Western Union, Misys, Infosys and HCL in various capacities. Satish plays cricket and badminton at his free time and is a big fan of Indian Alternative Rock band "Avial".