Compass SMB is a secure, Software as a Service (SAAS) performance and compensation management tool designed to make the process of administering employee performance based compensation easier.

Performance management

Keep your workforce focused, engaged and aligned with your performance management process. Compass SMB allows you to manage your objectives and helps managers to monitor the progress. Employees and manager can add comments through check-in.
Compass enterprise - Performance management

Career profile management

Keep track of your employee’s aspirations, skills, education, credentials and growth trajectory. Search from this repository of employee information for internal job posting and matching profiles.
Compass Lite - Budget Plan, easy to use and effective way to distribute budget to managers

Compensation modeling and budgeting

Build multiple budget models at the press of a button,using a fixed salary increase percent or a merit matrix. Define eligibility rules in minutes and tie them to your models to get a budget forecast. Apply holdbacks for senior leaders for greater flexibility.

Administering compensation

Building your compensation plans and rolling out to managers can be done with a click of few buttons. Effectively monitor the distribution of increases by your managers with effective controls and who-did-what-and-when audits.

Manager self-service

Managers will have exactly the right information to effectively provide increases to their direct reports and teams. They can keep track of their budgets and analyze team’s pay distribution. Once approved, Managers may distribute Employee Compensation Statements with all the details employees need to understand their compensation.

Global implementation

Managing teams in multiple countries has never been easier, giving managers, senior leaders and HR admins full view of their teams across different countries and in local currency.

Build budgets in a base currency (typically US $) and distribute them down to team levels. Recommendation can be made in the local currency and managers can view both budgets and pay recommendations in the currency of their choice. Language settings adhere to local desktop settings, enabling a familiar view.

Automated workflow and notification

Hierarchy based workflows notify the right people at the right time so the process can be completed in as little as 3-4 weeks. Or, turn off workflows and “use the calendar” for releasing, tracking and closing the system when ready.

Compass Lite - State of art dashboard to view merit approval status, merit, lump sum, promotion, market adjustment spend information and all action items

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