An full-featured Enterprise-class system with complete compensation management, performance management, career profile management and succession planning.

Performance management

Keep your workforce focused, engaged and aligned with your performance management process. Compass Enterprise allows you to manage your objectives and helps managers to monitor the progress. Employees and manager can add comments through check-in.
Compass enterprise - Performance management

Executive compensation management

Executives can be measured by different attributes that tie to your organizational priorities and their individual contributions. Compass Executive Compensation helps you align Strategic goals and with Executive targets, results and compensation.

Career profile management

Keep track of your employee’s aspirations, skills, education, credentials and growth trajectory. Search from this repository of employee information for internal job posting and matching profiles.

Succession plan

Our intelligent search algorithm matches profiles for developing new leaders within the organization. With their career path plotted in a simple to understand 9-box grid, identify your future leaders and make informed assignments in a snap.

Analytics and report

Choose from our standard library of 100+ reports. Build your own export queries with our query builder tools. On-screen dashboards provide vital information on your compensation program's progress. Your threshold values helps to configure outliers analysis and status monitoring.
Compass enterprise - Choose from our standard library of 100+ reports.

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