At Laserbeam we always focus on what brings best value to our customer. All our product roadmap and direction are driven by customer needs. When we first identified that our customer spend considerable time in cleaning up data or trying to find missing or data outliers we started to build an data driven anomaly detection tool, then when outlier of pay against market ranges was an issue we build AI driven market range analyzer, one led to another and we started to see customer save time and declutter processing. This led to us building an Analytics platform that provides Human Resource teams the power of Analytics driven by AI without having to learn the underlying technology or statistical models.

Our Solution is grouped under two categories of software tools to analyze the data and visualization of analyzed data. Being a HR focused Software Company we decided to add flavors to support HR teams giving them insight into HR business drivers with prebuilt models around hire to retire processes. The customer just need to bring their data and plug it into our data model to get the benefits of pre-built metrics, models, calculators, trends and patterns.

Data Correlation and Clustering

Understanding your data is key to solving data mystery, when teams start to work with the spread sheets it necessitates to understand what data is influenced by other data attributes in a data set. Let say if you want to understand what influence the New Salary, it could be based on the current employee information like salary, position, grade, market range and performance rating the correlation coefficient helps identify these factors. The clustering tool help the HR teams to remove the outliers for fine-tuning the analysis to perfections.

Compass Lite - Budget Plan, easy to use and effective way to distribute budget to managers

Data Modeling

Customers can load employee indicative data, play around with different employee attributes, increase or decrease headcount, provide merit increases and model compensation budgets and much more. Save the newly created model and compare with your base data and see variance information.


We have worked with customers and built few forecasting model and the list keeps growing, our models are built by statisticians by repetitive data analysis until an algorithm becomes a best fit. The team then publish a programmed model that can be repetitively run whenever there is a change in data, this automatically refreshes you forecasting and relevant charts. Some of the model readily available are

  • Annual Merit/Bonus Budget forecasting
  • Pay gap analysis
  • Retention model
  • Payroll spending by gender or by organization teams


Human Resource teams in the past has been focused on delivering operational efficiency and support services to employees. This trend has however moved away, and now towards building strategic partnership with business and co-create value to departments by aligning with their heads. More and more businesses depend on the HR teams to understand how we got hear and what is in store for us if the trend continues. While understanding current state of metrics becomes an overwhelming need of the hour, it is also imperative to measure progress once corrective steps are injected into the system.

HR teams can now leverage Laserbeam’s 100+ pre-built HR Metrics readily available in the tool and benefits are instant, few metrics are listed below.

CompensationTalent ManagementCompliance
Human Capital ROI
Merit Increase Differential
Performance Pay Differential
Net Income Per Employee
Engagement Score
Linear Performance
Improvement Rate
High Potential Attrition
Employee Bench Strength
Cost of Settlements and Penalties
HR Cost per EE
Learning & DevelopmentBenefitsPayroll
Training ROI
Training Participation Rate
Average Training Cost /FTE
Benefit -CTC Ratio
Loss -Ratio
Claim Percentage & Processing Time
Absence Rate
Annual Payroll Cost Diversity
Average Gender Pay Gap
Median Gender Pay Gap

End-user Report Designer

While there are prebuilt reports that can be printed as a .PDF format, businesses constantly wants variation in the way they want to see the numbers and HR teams constantly pull spread sheets and make them look pretty. We have made it easier get a simple easy to build report designer to build your own reports on the fly


Compass Analytics Dashboard gives the power to present all that you have analyzed in a presentable form of charts and graphs, in a secure manner. The dashboard can be customized with tiles of information configured to the consuming user. Share, Copy to clip board, Export the underlying data, set alerts and receive them based thresholds and much more features that makes sharing and acting on information by the right team on the right data.

Compass Lite - State of art dashboard to view merit approval status, merit, lump sum, promotion, market adjustment spend information and all action items

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