Create an exchange for hospitals to share resources. We built one and it’s free.

The US Medical community doesn’t operate as a single entity by design. Hospitals, clinics and nursing homes serve the local community and normally wouldn’t see a need for a national network. Even within the states, as Gov. Cuomo stated, there are public/private networks and no real mechanism for sharing information or resources.

The Covid-19 pandemic is about to change all of that from now and in the future. Governments at both state and national levels can only do so much when extreme speed and precision is required. Besides which there will always be inequities in the response and many places, like nursing homes, may be left short or cut out altogether. Covid-19 Part1 caught the country off guard, but we still have time address the critical needs of the hospitals and nursing homes on the front lines, now and for Covid-19 Part2+ Flu. 

The broader medical community is made up of people with a predisposition to help in a crisis. Establishing a network within the medical community which focuses on critical needs is more important than ever imagined.

That’s why we built Fundamentally, it’s focused on providing a way to broadcast critical shortages in a closed system and seek help from other hospitals in the region, state or nationally. More broadly, it’s a way to establish connections in a way that would have been difficult in pre-pandemic days but seems essential now. Medical providers are encouraged to sign up for free right now at  

We won’t sell your information (which is publicly available anyway), charge fees of any kind or allow suppliers to pollute the exchange. 


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